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Tuck and Boo Beckstoffer

Tuck and Boo Beckstoffer are delighted with their recent acquisition of Dancing Hares.

The Beckstoffer Family moved to Napa Valley in 1975. Tuck worked in wineries throughout France, Italy and New Zealand. He dove into vineyard management and then winemaking. The 1997 Tuck Beckstoffer Cabernet was the most gratifying professional endeavor of his young career. To this day it is still a challenge to keep up with demand for Tuck’s wines.

A native Atlantan, Boo brings a Southern sensibility to all that she does. A lover of words, a writer at heart, a mother of three and a whirling dervish of enthusiasm, Boo creates community wherever she is. Whether it is presenting the wines, weaving their stories, or crafting the brands, her wisdom and panache can be felt in every facet of Tuck Beckstoffer Wines.


Andy Erickson

“Since arriving in Napa in 1994, I have been drawn to wines derived from special vineyard sites. The Dancing Hares vineyard certainly has all of the elements that has led to a very compelling wine. In my time here in the Napa Valley I have also been lucky to work with talented and passionate people. Meeting Bob and Paula, and seeing their serious commitment to the vineyard, it was easy to see that we would work well together.”

Andy has worked with some of Napa Valley’s premiere wine producers, including Screaming Eagle, Harlan Estate, Ovid, Newton Vineyard, and Spottswoode. He was the winemaker at Staglin Family Vineyard for the 2001 and 2002 vintages. Since that time Andy has taken on several winery clients, including Dalla Valle, Arietta, and Dancing Hares Vineyard. Andy and his wife Annie also make their own wines under the labels Favia and Leviathan.

Consulting Winemaker

Michel Rolland

Michel Rolland’s reputation as a winemaker and oenologist is well known throughout the wine world. He consults literally around the world with some of the best known wineries both large and small.

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